Thesis Examples

Writing a thesis can be a difficult task for any college or university student. Aside from the actual research and work that goes into writing a thesis, a student must also make sure that the thesis is formatted properly to avoid losing points or having to retype the entire project. Fortunately, there are lots of Thesis Examples available online that can help with this. However, students must make sure that they are only using Thesis Examples from reputable, trustworthy sites with up to date, reliable information. A great site that meets all of these guidelines is Students with any thesis related questions are encouraged to visit it as soon as possible.

When viewing the Thesis Examples at, one of the first things students should take note of is the fact that all of the Thesis Examples contain a title page. This is an absolute must for a properly formatted thesis. The title page should be its own separate page and should contain only the title and subtitle of the thesis, the student’s name, the name of the college or university, the department at the college or university, the date the thesis is delivered, the research mentor, and the mentor’s institution.

The next part found on all good Thesis Examples is a small section known as an “abstract.” While the abstract may be brief, it is extremely important and sets the tone and feel for the entire paper. An abstract should, first and foremost, say why the thesis and the ideas it presents is important and valuable. This is followed by a summary, ideally one to two paragraphs in length, that outlines the paper and its findings. Citations are not necessary here, and students are encouraged not to go over approximately 500 words when constructing a thesis. As is evident with most good Thesis Examples, less is more.

After the all important abstract, Thesis Examples also contain a table of contents. In this table, the student must write down all headings and/or subheadings that are used in the paper and the page number indicating where they begin. Each subheading should be indented. Students must also include page numbers for any and all figures, such as mathematical or scientific problems or explanations, used in the thesis, and each figure should be titled. The same holds true for any tables, such as charts or graphs, used as well.

Once all of this information is in place, Thesis Examples then go on to get to the “meat” of the paper. There should be an introduction of the paper and its basic ideas, followed by methods, results, conclusions, and more, some of which depend upon the subject matter of the paper. Students are encouraged to visit the site regularly for help and also to direct any serious questions toward their professors.