Resume Examples

When applying for a job in today’s competitive world, a resume is the thing that either makes or breaks a potential employee. A poorly formatted resume, even from a candidate with a lot of experience and/or valuable education, will be tossed into the trash in a heartbeat, but a properly formatted, attractive resume will almost certainly get a look or two. For this reason, serious job seekers must make sure that their resumes are completely up to par and that they contain all of the correct information. A great way to do this is by, of course, reading this article, but also by looking at various Resume Examples online. A great place to find Resume Examples is at Looking at A Resume Example or two will give the job seeker lots of great ideas to turn a resume from boring into intriguing.

When looking at Resume Examples, one of the first things job seekers will likely notice is how large and prevalent the contact information is on the Resume Examples. This is because it is extremely important for job seekers to provide their full contact information in a very visible place on the resume. After all, prospective employers certainly can’t contact someone who doesn’t provide such information. So, first and foremost, preferably at the top and in the center of the page, the prospective employee should provide a full name, mailing address, home telephone number and cell number, and email address, in that order. A Resume Example that does not contain this information or a spot for this information should not be followed. Fortunately, however, all of the resumes at are checked to make sure they’re the best available.

Some Resume Examples will contain a section labeled “Objective,” while other Resume Examples will not. The reason for this is because this section is optional. For prospective employees who have something useful to say, this should be included. For those who don’t, it’s better to not include this section than to make up something frivolous. For those who do decide to include it, read carefully through the objective on A Resume Example or two or three to get an idea as to wording. In general, this section should cover employment goals and/or why the prospective employee is a good fit for the specific position.

Next, most Resume Examples will contain a qualifications and highlights section. The purpose of this section on Resume Examples is to showcase the desirable traits and experience of a candidate. This section can and usually should change each time a different position is sought. After this section, the candidate simply lists all past work experience, starting with the most recent first. Education and special skills, if applicable can also be included in their own respective sections. Following these tips will be sure to give job seekers a resume that can’t be beat.