PHP Examples

For those who choose to design their websites or mailers with PHP, being able to view PHP Examples along the way can be very helpful. is a site that offers lots of different PHP Examples to help site designers every step of the way. For that reason, it is one of the most useful resources before and during website or web page creation. Of course, before a person starts designing or building, it is important to have a grasp on what, exactly PHP is. PHP, which originally stood for personal home page, but now stands for hypertext processor is a scripting language used to product websites. PHP is used with HTML and then both are “ready” by a web server that has a PHP processor module. This very important computer language was developed in 1995 and is available free of charge to any who desire to use it. While many people prefer to use straight HTML when designing websites, others find that PHP is easier or less time consuming. It really is a matter of personal preference, however.

As site designers browse through PHP Examples at, it is important to take a lot of time familiarizing oneself with the language and how it is written. Doing so will help the user to become better acquainted with patterns in the language and will make the process simpler and less time consuming once the designer actually starts to work. For those who have some knowledge of PHP, it is often sufficient to simply only use the PHP Examples that pertain to a specific task or design feature. For those who are completely new, there are also examples for the entire design of a basic page, photo album, list of links, and more. Just take the time to look around and find what options and examples work best for the particular individual.

When designing a page with PHP Examples, designers must be very meticulous. Even the slightest deviation from PHP Examples, when done by an untrained individual of course, can completely throw off the design or make the page not work. It is best to follow the examples line for line, checking for errors or typos after each full line has been typed. This is not to say that there is no room for creativity or making a design one’s own, but this is only for those designers who are slightly more experience in PHP.

So, by using the site and following various PHP Examples, even the newest of designers can have a beautiful and professional looking web page, website, mailer, or any other creative project they desire. PHP Examples are a wonderful starting point and, with a little work and dedication, it is likely that the designer will no longer need the examples in the future.