Termination Letter Examples

Getting rid of an employee is never an easy thing, whether the termination is deserved or simply economical. Emotions are understandably high when one goes through a termination, no matter what the circumstances are or what role you have in those circumstances. But through this difficult time, it is important that you keep your head and that you create the appropriate documentation for severing ties with an employee when that difficult decision arises.

As a company or business owner, you want to be careful not to come across as malicious, libelous, or emotional. If you must allow some emotion to leak in to the letter, make sure that you try to keep a positive vibe. Some termination letter examples recommend that you thank the employee for their period of service, and that you leave them with well wishes for the road ahead. One of the biggest fears that terminated employees have when leaving a position against their will is that the job loss will affect their ability to get unemployment compensation or a second job. If there aren’t any outstanding issues of that sort, then you may wish to follow termination letter examples that keep things civil and reassuring.

Even when the employee has done something to hurt the company in some way, it is always good to maintain that attitude of professionalism. That’s why for many termination letter examples, companies lean toward those that demonstrate a rigid structure. While so-called “canned responses” are never good with active communication, companies feel these are safer and smarter because they seek to end communication between themselves and a client. If one can do so in an effective and professional manner, then the termination letter has served its purpose.

In order to determine if yours is doing so, it is important that you seek out as many termination letter examples as you can, both good and bad. You can learn just as much from those that have done it wrong as you can the termination letter examples that have done it right. A site like Examples.net can help guide you in finding the right mix of words for such a difficult task like saying goodbye to any employee.

Examples.net has been helping companies of all sizes deal with these difficult situations for a while now. Avoid future embarrassment and perhaps even liability and a lawsuit by checking out what they have to say on the subject. How you handle an employee’s termination is as important if not more so than how you handle his tenure with your company. With each person, who walks away from your company angry or dejected, there will be five people he spreads that indignation to. If you can justify your position, then do so, but always maintain a measure of respect and dignity for the employee, whether they “deserve” it or not.