Being recognized for various things that you do from day to day is a great honor. When it comes to being recognized in a formal or semi formal setting a letter of recognition usually comes into play. A letter of recognition can sometimes be difficult to start out; knowing the words that you want to say and actually getting them down on paper are two very different things. At we would like to help you get started, providing you with a few hard and fast rules about this particular subject.

A letter of recognition is typically given by an employer, teacher or some organization that you have done exemplary work for. When it is coming from your employer it will usually come in letter form, with the body simply saying that they are recognizing you for the work that you have put forth and they appreciate your efforts. This may oftentimes lead to an employee of the month recognition.

If it is coming from a teacher, they will generally tell you how far you have progressed and tell you to keep up the good work, and is usually addressed to you as the student or even sometimes your parents.

If your letter is coming from an organization that you have done work for, it will typically be sent to a community program that recognizes patrons for their selfless work or even to your employer to tell them how great a job you did while working at that organization.

If you are in a position of writing a letter of recognition make sure that you know the person and their strengths because that is what will be highlighted in your letter. When starting your letter, if you are writing to someone’s employer, depending on how big the company is you may want to write specifically to the person’s boss or if they have more than one boss you may want to address it “To Whom It May Concern”. Always give specifics of the situation in which this person was put in and why you think that they should be recognized. If someone has made a difference in someone’s life that has been put in a nursing home, state why you think they made a difference, such as this person would sit and read to the client or take him or her for a walk everyday. The more specific the letter the better the person reading it will understand why you think this person should be recognized. Be sincere in what you are writing; try not to sound mechanical so the person reading will have a sense of you really knowing the work of the person that you want to recognize. If you would like more tips and tricks on writing different kinds of letters other than a letter of recognition, browse through for more informational help.