When we have parties and get-together, we sometimes send out invitation letters to extend an open door to come join us for a great activity surrounded by family and friends. Sometimes our invitation letter will be in the form of a card that will list the information needed for the activity that you are extending the invitation to. Other times an invitation letter will simply look like a regular letter depending on the event and the style in which you want to theme of the party to follow. Examples.net can give you several tips on how to properly write invitation letters.

Make sure that the tone of your invitation letter is upbeat. You want to make the person that you are extending the invitation to feel excited about coming to your gathering. When writing it you can use clever catch phrases or poems and even funny and festive pictures as an opener to the invitation letter. In your invitation letters you always want to put the name of the event, for instance Nathan’s birthday party or Sara’s farewell party. Make sure to include the time of your event, the location at which it is going to be held as well as date. If you need to specify the specific reason for which you are having this party, such as an anniversary or birthday, do so in your invitation letters. If a gift is or is not expected you should include that information in your invitation letter as well. Sometimes it is apparent if it is a birthday party you would generally take a gift but if it is an anniversary party a gift may not be expected. In some cases just your presence is enough of a gift.

If there is a dress code for your event you will want to specify that in your invitation letter too. Typically, a mid day event is not as formal as an event held in the evening. Tell your anticipated guests how excited you are to have them come and participate in your event. A response date from your guests should be included in your invitation letters as well. You will want to know how many people will be attending so you know how much food or beverages to have, maybe party favors as well as games all typically have to be planned ahead of time and depend on how many guests are attending.

One last thing is to mail out your letters at least two weeks before your event. Doing so should allow people ample time to figure out their schedules and let you know if they will be attending or not. If you need more advice on how to write your invitation letter check out Examples.net. This site can give you step by step instructions on what you should and shouldn’t have in the invitations that you are extending.