Readers of seem to be particularly interested in how to write an inquiry letter, in what tips we have for best writing them and other examples and pieces of advice concerning this type of letter. First of all, rest assured that choosing is the best choice you could have made: we give well researched, free advice and we choose the most relevant examples. This article is concerned with inquiry letters.

The best reason why you would want to know how to write inquiry letters is that you might need to find out about a job that’s not listed on the internet , nor is advertised for in the papers, so you might have to write your possible future employers a very convincing letter, asking them if they have a position to offer you and winning them over at the same time.

The first rule is not to make the inquiry letter too long: remember you’re using up someone else’s time, someone busy most likely. Secondly, be very polite for the same reason mentioned above. Nobody really owes you anything, you’re going to have to earn all the attention and consideration from their part. Try to be clear and don’t play with words just to show how smart you are: the purpose of an inquiry letter is to inquire and ask for an answer. Because you are expecting an answer to your inquiry letter, make sure you leave all your contact details with the recipient and do sign the letter at the end. Many people forget to do this and it really doesn’t look good.

Furthermore, try to make it clear from the opening sentence who you are and what your interest is. In the body of the inquiry letter, which should be divided into clear, organized paragraphs, you’re going to want to explain just what your best qualities are, maybe give details about how you handled a situation in the past. That is if you’re inquiring about a job. If your inquiry concerns something else, give details about why you need the requested information and do mention that anything shared with you will remain confidential, if you think it is the case. The last sentence should be also positive and very self confident and you might want use it to express your wish to have a face to face meeting.

If you need an inquiry letter example search one on the internet. You’ll surely find more than one inquiry letter example but be very selective about what you include in your own letter. You should try to be yourself and personalize the letter as much as possible, without becoming informal.

What an inquiry letter example on the internet won’t tell you is to use a high quality sheet of paper when you print the letter. Also, double check for spelling mistakes. Don’t rush with the follow-up call or letter. The recipient  will need to take some time before they reply to your inquiry letters.