Commendation letters are very important to an employee’s self-esteem and can often be the difference between continued performance and loss of enthusiasm. No one wants to feel like their efforts for a company are going unnoticed. But with work, there is no end in sight. The days go on and run into years, and the focus can sometimes be to simply focus on what is ahead instead of what has come before. A commendation letter forces one to slow down and recognize the accomplishments that deserve the recognition.

The great thing about commendation letters is that you don’t have to be a boss or supervisor to write one, and they can often bring with them the reverse effect of making you look good as well. To start with your commendation letter, you need to find someone worthy of praise around your office. Who is it that makes your job the easiest? Who would you like to give a genuine thank-you to, but not just any thank-you-one that actually has some long range effects to it?

Once you have determined that Roberta’s unending devotion to her job as taken some of the heat off your department, it’s time to recognize Roberta with a commendation letter. In order to write commendation letters effectively, you need to know the first and last name as well as the official rank within the company. It is important that you address the letter to Roberta’s direct supervisor and that you clearly and accurately describe what Roberta did and how it helped with a specific cause. If you are Roberta’s supervisor, then you may simply place a copy of the commendation letter in her file. If not, you will want to double- and triple-check to make sure the commendation letter is as professional as you can make it. That means no misspellings or improper grammar and syntax.

Commendation letters don’t have to be longer than a page, so it should be easy for you to compose a few paragraphs without serious need for editing. Once you are ready, print off a copy and take it to Roberta’s supervisor. While you could email it, there is still something to be said for personal contact and how it carries a considerable amount of weight. If the supervisor sees how important the commendation letter is to you, he will start to see how important Roberta is to you and the company at large. He will also appreciate the fact that you care enough about your work to compose commendation letters on your own. can show you how to write an effective commendation letter. also gives you specific details on when the best time to approach your boss is, as well as whether or not you should let people like Roberta see what nice things you have to say about them ahead of time. Don’t write till you see what they have to say.