Examples Of High Paying Occupations

In a world where simply having a job is lucky, it may seem a little unrealistic to think about upping one’s pay. After all, shouldn’t everyone be thankful for what they have? While this may be a school of thought that employers wish more of their workers had, the reality is that, good times and bad, there are professions out there where a person can make the money they deserve without any of the guilt.

High paying professions are typically reserved for those with higher levels of education or experience in a selected field. One does not have to go to college to become eligible for some of these, but the trade off is generally graduation from a trade school and proven certifications to go along with years of experience.

With an average annual salary of just over $120,000 per year, according to CNBC, marketing managers are among the most well paid professionals currently working today. The reason is that marketing pros are harbingers of information and know how to use vital tools regarding demographics of customers and clients to best reach and build on an existing audience. The fate of a company’s outreach campaign rests in their hands and that can generate millions of dollars for the employer.

Coming in at around the same salary are computer and information systems managers. Face it. Technology is here to stay. These days the ones who know the most about it are among the select few most highly valued by a company. Every industry that makes use of computers and information systems knows just how deeply a breakdown in technology can affect productivity. With these professionals on staff, it’s possible to overcome the obstacles and get back in the swing of things with minimal delays.

With annual median salaries approaching $130,000, lawyers are another well paid profession, though there is quite a difference between those who work for the government and those that work in private practice. The limited scope of cases is one of the main reasons for the salary deferential, which can be anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. Lawyers may also work outside the courtroom for companies in the private sector.

The medical community also earns a healthy living, with pediatricians, or doctors who specialize in the treatment of children, leading the charge among specialists with an annual median salary of more than $160,000 per year. Most doctors will warn, however, that their profession is one that takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to breach. With paychecks that total around $167,000 per year, and that’s not counting the millions in bonuses paid out every year, Chief Executive Officers, particularly those at Fortune 500 companies are among the most well paid and highly scrutinized.

The jobs are out there, and the possibilities are endless. However, one must be aware that with more pay comes more responsibility. Before pursuing a high-paying job, one must realize the pressures that come along with it, and decide whether it’s right for them.