Examples Of Good Colleges

These days education beyond high school is a prerequisite. While it may have been possible to get a high-paying job and enjoy a life of job security and routine pay increases, the professional environment of today is more highly competitive. Finding good colleges that offer the programs one needs to get ahead is essential.

Finding good colleges is easy. Getting into them is another story. Before one can make a case for acceptance, however, it is best to make a list of good colleges -yes, more than one- so that the applicant and prospective student will always have options. The easiest way to start is to determine first where one wishes to attend. According to U.S. News and World Report, the top 10 colleges in the country are almost evenly split between the United States and the United Kingdom.

While the U.S. claims the majority of good colleges on that short list, the U.K. boasts the No. 1 School in the world, the University of Cambridge. It is followed by University College London at No. 4, University of Oxford at No. 6, and Imperial College of London at No. 7. The U.S. features Harvard and Yale Universities at Nos. 2 and 3 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at No. 5. Rounding out the top 10 is the University of Chicago (No. 8), California Institute of Technology (No. 9), and Princeton University (No. 10).

The good colleges available in the U.K. offer a wide variety of subjects for mastery, from engineering to literature and medicine to science. There are centuries of practice among the four schools, which have turned out some of the greatest minds that the world has ever known and influenced American higher education in a variety of ways. Likewise, the U.S. presents a wealth of opportunity for students looking to get the most out of their educational experience and find careers that are best suited to their future goals.

Good colleges such as these encourage students to listen to instruction, but they also encourage experimentation and the boldness to take risks in an effort to find new discoveries. All of these institutes, even those such as MIT and CalTech that specialize in technology, believe that true education does not come simply from learning what is already there but from rewriting what is known about education in any given field whenever possible.

When looking for good colleges to attend, one need not go with the top 10 or the most expensive. The best education comes from a place that can offer personalized guidance and instruction. Good colleges can help students learn the past and build on the future wherever they’re located. Before deciding where to attend, it’s important to check the opportunities available, the geographical locations one might choose to stay, and teacher info such as teacher-to-student ratio and amount of tenured professors. With self awareness, research, and legwork, it’s possible to find the best schools in one’s own backyard.