Examples Of Fast Cars

Are you already getting tired of driving around that old economical car that saves gas like your grandfather does money? If so, then it may be time to step out of the conservative doldrums and into the fast lane of car ownership.

There are literally hundreds of examples of fast cars down through the ages, but improvements in technology and engineering make the fastest cars of all time a list that is sort of a revolving door where auto manufacturers are constantly trying to best one another, and are thus changing the landscape each year.

So before determining which of the following examples of fast cars is best for you, it’s recommended that you answer the one burning question that all sport or race car owners must face: How much is enough? If outrunning the cops is your goal, then any of the following should suffice:

Bugatti Veyron

Considered the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron earns its place among the examples of fast cars because, for starters, it can accelerate from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. That’s a little like being shot out of a cannon. Add to the mix a top speed of 267 miles per hour, and you’ve got a true speed demon that will stop just short of making you invisible to radar. Of course, the base price for something like this, as of 2010, was around $1.7 million.

SSC Ultimate Aero

It may not be able to outrun the Bugatti Veyron, but the SSC Ultimate Aero is more than capable of turning you into an invisible blur, and it’s able to do so at less than half the price tag ($654,400). Maxing out at a speed of 257 miles per hour, this entry can make the 0-60 leap in just 2.7 seconds, two-tenths of a second slower than its top competition. Until July 2010, it was considered the fastest car in the world.

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

This model takes a little longer to get to 60 miles per hour, but it can still manage the task in 3.2 seconds. While the $555,000 price tag is considerably more affordable than others of its ilk, it is still an expensive piece of machinery that boasts a 750 horsepower rating and a Twin-Turbo All Aluminum V8 engine.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche, one of the top auto manufacturers in the world delivers this unit, which clocks in at 612 horsepower and a top speed of 205 miles per hour. While it is considerably slower than the other examples of fast cars above, it still possesses a healthy amount of get-up-and-go, managing the 0-60 climb in less than 4 seconds.

Whichever car one finds to be the best suited, one must always respect the power of the vehicle and the laws of the road.