Examples Of Expensive Clothes

What is in a name? Apparently, quite a bit, at least as far as expensive clothes are concerned! While the current economic climate has more consumers flocking to off-brands, vintage, and discount clothing, those who are still lucky enough to have breathing room in their bank accounts, can pay for the names that produce some of the world’s most expensive clothes.

Names like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and Valentino, bear brands that automatically signify the consumer can expect to pay more. In addition to these, companies like Armani can also command top dollar by reaching out to the male base. Even though it may be hard finding the money to keep the closets filled with these names, these are expensive clothes that have still managed to find an audience and show no signs of going out of style.

Of the most expensive clothes on the market, Gucci is known for its stylish ties, sports apparel, and designer footwear. Aside from clothing items, the company also boasts premium luggage so that their customers can carry their expensive clothes in style. Chanel, in contrast, is more known for its fragrances, but that doesn’t stop the company from bringing high demand for its premium-priced line of tweed suits and female-friendly ready-to-wear.

Prada is another representative of style and sophistication boasting footwear, accessories, and form-fitting pants that has proven popular with women along with a highly praised line of sunglasses for men. Most recently, the company has added casual wear to its line of expensive clothes with designer tees and two-piece dresses that continue to draw a large female base.

Like any good line of expensive clothes needs a niche for which it can become known, Valentino has set itself apart as a popular form of ladies’ evening wear. The famed label is known for its daring designs that accentuate the curves and beauty of a woman without going too over-the-top. With all this attention being paid to the female crowd, Valentino sees a healthy market of male followers and regularly mines that demographic with designer selections of business and casual wear.

One expensive clothes manufacturer that gets a lot of mileage out of their men’s wear is Armani. Their custom suits were popularized in part on an episode of “Seinfeld,” when Jerry unwillingly becomes enslaved to rival comic Kenny Banya for giving him a brand new Armani suit. But even before that, the label had momentum as a must for job interviews and special occasions.

When stocking up on expensive wear, one must pay careful attention to budget and plan for the care, wear, and upkeep of their selections in order to get the most out of them through the years. Even though these clothes may be expensive at first, with the proper treatment and respect, they can provide years of service and opportunity.