Examples Of Beautiful Beaches

When it comes to beaches most would agree that the most beautiful beaches are a wondrous marvel of nature, a relaxing place to get away from it all, and a terrific place to spend family vacation all rolled into one. The only thing everyone may not agree on is where the most beautiful beaches are located.

A trip to the beach means you can expect two things: sand and water. But how each looks depends largely on geographical location and area weather patterns. While stormier parts of the world may routinely place their beaches through the ringer producing choppy waters and gray sands, other more temperate climates deliver a powdery white or golden brown stretch of sands to accompany the crystal clear greenish-blue tide. To find the most beautiful beaches in the world, one must not confine the search to a specific area.

Big Sur, California, is one example of the most beautiful beaches in that it delivers gently rolling blue waters throughout most of the year lapping against a golden shoreline, which bears resemblance to exposed treasure. The beach there is quiet and non-invasive and the 80-feet tall McWay Falls is one of few waterspouts to empty into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the beaches at Fiji present sun-baked sands to go along with picturesque green waters and a soothing warm climate for a relaxing experience and one of the most beautiful beaches outside of the United States. Adding to the level of charm, the dense forest serves as a backdrop that allows one to go straight from a hike into a swim.

Moving further east the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand have long been considered among the most beautiful beaches for their majestic mix of emerald green waters and baby powder sands. One particular feature that drives locals and tourists alike is the round the clock privacy. There is always a patch of sand available for one to enjoy picnics, swimming, and surfing or body-boarding far from the maddening crowd.

And if solitude is a priority, one can still find it on the beaches of Bermuda. A popular tourist destination for many across the world, it’s still possible to carve out a personalized experience and commune with nature on the South Shore. The baby blue waters come to nice, thick foam against a backdrop of white sands and stunning geography. It may be possible to come across a fishing boat or fellow swimmers on occasion, but there is room to breathe and experience wonders that have largely been unchanged for thousands of years.

Wherever the most beautiful beaches are, they make a perfect getaway for those warmer months when a nice swim is just the answer for rising temperatures. One may also choose to plan a trip to their choice for the most beautiful beaches when the temperatures go frigid, but summer is only a plane ride away. Whatever the time and reason, the beach offers a piece of paradise.