Essay Examples

For college students looking for Essay Examples, look no further than This helpful site contains dozens of College Essay Examples and other helpful tips and tools that can help students to create perfect, A essays. Of course, simply looking at Essay Examples isn’t enough. Students have to be willing to put in the work to craft a well-researched, well thought out paper as well. But, these examples sure do come in handy for those professors who take points off for small formatting errors or, worst of all, who won’t even read or grade a paper that isn’t formatted correctly.

When browsing Essay Examples, one of the first things that students will likely notice is that all of the College Essay Examples have a title section. Some examples will have the title displayed in the center of the first page, right before the actual essay starts, while others will have their own title page. Some professors will prefer one or the other, so it’s always best to check before making a decision and proceeding with the essay. When the title appears on the first page, the student should list name, course name, the professor’s name, and the date in the left hand corner and then skip one line to center the title. If a student decides to create a title page instead, a full page is devoted entirely to the title and nothing else should appear on it. The student simply types the title and then horizontally centers it in the middle of the page or near the top.

When looking at the Essay Examples on, some formatting issues will be difficult to pick out. However, upon close examination, certain characteristics of all good College Essay Examples become clear. First of all, all such essays should have one inch margins on the top and one and a quarter margins on the sides. Double spacing and not skipping spaces between paragraphs, which can usually be done in the formatting section of most word programs, is also standard. Furthermore, text should be left aligned and the font should be standard and a size twelve. Most professors will encourage students not to use both sides of the paper and to always use standard sized white paper as well.

Essay Examples will also contain page numbers, an important thing for all college students to keep in mind. Title pages are the only parts of an essay that should not contain a number. It is acceptable to number all other pages either at the bottom center or in the upper right hand corner. Only the number should be written; there is no need for “page” or “pg.” Some instructors, especially those who have requested the paper be written in MLA style, may require the student’s last name to precede the page number. Again, all students should check with their specific professors to be sure they are following the rules according to their teachers’ preferences.